The Highland Dance competitions are an Oban Games highlight

Highland Dancing at Oban Games


The Highland Dance competitions are an Oban Games highlight - full of Highland tradition, technical skill, stamina and strength. Enjoy the spectacle of the finest local, national and international Highland dancers delivering an exciting day of dance competition.

Throughout the day you'll see dancers from aged 7 to adults compete in local Argyll & Bute competitions as well as Open competitions which attract dancers from far and wide. It's a fantastic spectacle to watch as competitors brush, leap and high-cut their way to a medal.

Traditional Highland Dancing

The origins of traditional Highland Dance are surrounded by myth and folklore.  Highland Dancing is an art that requires extraordinary skill, stamina and strength. Dancers need to work every muscle in the body to perform intricate steps whilst in mid-air. Competitors dance the Gille Chaluim (Sword Dance) which dates from the time of King Malcolm Canmore in the 11th Century. The Seann Triubhas (Old Trousers) dates back to the time after Culloden in 1746 when the Highlander was forbidden to wear the kilt. The Highland Fling is said to have been inspired by the sight of a red deer stag prancing on the hillside. The Reels are danced by four people to the slow movement of the Strathspey, thought by many to be a mourning dance, used at funerals.

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